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Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Buyer Stamp Duty is based on the Purchased Property Price or the Valuation, whichever is higher.

  • 1% for the 1st $180,000
  • 2% for the next $180,000
  • 3% for the next $640,000
  • 4% for the balance amount

For example, if you buy a property at $1,200,000 the Buyer Stamp Duty will be (1% x $180,000) + (2% x $180,000) + (3% x $640,000) + (4% x$200,000) = $32,600

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Additional Buyer Stamp Duty is a tax that is charged for property purchases depending on buyer’s residency status and the property count. As the name suggests, it is charged on top of the normal Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD).

There are some changes to the ABSD in the recent years with the latest being 6th July 2018. Check out our infographic to find out what are the rates. Alternatively, use our ABSD and BSD calculator to find out if you are liable and how much. 

The ABSD refund(aka Remission) is only extended to married couples with at least one SC spouse who purchase a
second property in both spouses’ names only, provided the first property is sold within 6 months

  1. Date of purchase* of second property, or
  2.  Issue date of Temporary Occupation Permit
    (TOP) / Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC), whichever is earlier (if the second property was
    uncompleted at the time of purchase) (referred to as “6-month sale timeline”).

The married couple must not acquire a third or subsequent residential property before the sale of their first property. They must remain married at the time of sale of their first property. ABSD must be paid on the second property and the refund application must be made within 6 months after the sale of the first property

*The date of purchase refers to the date of the instrument that effects the purchase (e.g. Acceptance to Option to Purchase/ Sale and Purchase Agreement), not the date of legal completion for the purchase.

Under the Free Trade Agreement, Nationals or Permanent Residents of the following countries will be accorded the same Stamp Duty treatment as Singapore Citizens: and will not need to pay ABSD for their first residential property.

  • Liechtenstein
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • United States of America
  • Switzerland

If you fall into the above category, your lawyer can do the e-stamping and get the remission certificate.

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